Two Sides to Remakes.

Remakes of movies have always drawn large attention and criticism, especially when a ‘classic’ film is remade. Some may think it’s a great idea to have the classic film reborn in a new generation while others think it is better to just leave the film where it is and not “ruin it.” There seems to be a misconception that by remaking a film from years ago, kills the originality and creativity. However, some look at remakes as an exciting look back at what used to be famous and therefore resurrects the film.

So many people choose to ignore the films that are represented as remakes because they see no potential in it. There seems to be an emotional connection with classic popular films and therefore some individuals don’t want to see the movie they loved be redone.

It is even worse when American directors take quality foreign films and redo them to be American. Films such as Ju-on that was redone in America to be, The Grudge or Frank Oz’s Death at a Funeral. There are hundreds of more films that are taken from foreign directors and are changed to fit American culture which ruins the authenticity of the original film.

Along with remakes of Foreign films and classic movies with negative feedback there are still many individuals whom are all for remakes. Such as improv comedian, Candace Rosado, who thinks remakes are a good decision on the director’s part, if they are done well. Rosado went on to explain her reasoning, “I think in order for a remake to be good, it should keep the same storyline as the original, but adapt it to a more modernized style. I think too many people try to change things that are already good.” Which is a perfect reasoning why movie remakes can be a good thing. Many can agree that sometimes changing a classic movie to a more modernized film is a great idea, as it brings in a new generation of people to enjoy the experience that so many people enjoyed years before.

Many remakes have come out within the past two years such as Ghostbusters, Jumanji, The Magnificent Seven, Martyrs, The Exorcist, Poltergeist, Cinderella, Mad Max, Jurassic World, Star Wars, and Candace Rosado’s favorite remake, The Jungle Book. She enjoyed that the director kept the same plot and story line, “it stayed true to the characters and music of the first one, but it utilized the advancements in movie making technology that made it that much more entertaining.”

There will always be remakes and there will always be two sides to remakes. One side agreeing with a redo and another side of complete disagreement for a remake. Some will be good and some will be a bust.

Remakes of 2017:


Beauty and the Beast

Dan Stevens as Beast, Emma Watson as Belle, Beauty and the Beast


Image result for IT 2017


Image result for amityville 2017




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