The First of Many.


Television and movies play a huge role within pop culture and within younger generations. Yet as streaming and binge watching on Netflix grows more and more popular throughout the last 5 years many forget the feeling one gets when a new episode of their favorite T.V show comes out or a movie finally releases in theaters. Some may think and worry television is ending, but I can assure that television will never end, it’s just going to be progressively harder to receive good ratings, as the use of online streaming and HBO are playing a huge role nowadays. But something that will always stay true to television and film is music.

Having a great soundtrack can, in my opinion, make or break the show/movie. From the beginning of the millennial generation, shows such as Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, TRL, Dawson’s Creek, Gilmore Girls, Degrassi, Friday Night Lights and the infamous O.C have created a large community of fans with the same taste of music. So many of these shows played a huge role in the music industry for introducing bands and songs spreading this culture of music and film throughout so many lives.

Watching your favorite television show and hearing a song along with a scene attracts the viewer to what is happening; this can influence the viewer to then go and buy that song. Bands like The Killers, Rooney, Bright Eyes, The Subways, The Walkmen, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Imogen Heap and so many more were introduced on television shows that helped them grow in ratings and fans.

The O.C helped launch hundreds of early 2000’s hits and, ultimately, helped the genre of indie pop become mainstream music, which, at the time, was considered pop and underground music, which was starting to fade. This specific show revolutionized integrating music in hour long dramas. A perfect example of how The O.C helped music and bands was when they aired the season 2 finally ending with a traumatic scene using Imogen Heaps song, Hide and Seek. The song became a phenomenon, hundreds of downloads were made on ITunes after the episode aired, and even Saturday Night Live took that scene and song to make a sketch which is still popular to this day. Another introduction was made in season 2 with the shows, Bate Shop, where bands would go and play. This was happening after the fall of TRL on MTV and before MTV’s fiftieth attempt to feature more music videos. The O.C was a place for bands to go and sell a single or sometimes even an album. In an ironic way, The O.C was the perfect metaphor for how people used to find music and how people were downloading music online through ITunes since the music industry was changing along with internet.

The O.C was revolutionary for teen dramas and new music. Every scene connected with a certain song. Every song chosen was well thought out with regards of the mood in the scene and how the characters were emotionally feeling. It is sometimes hard to find another show or sometimes movie with new music that can create a community with its viewers. The O.C was one of the first shows to incorporate music of a new genre that wasn’t listened to enough back in the early 2000s.


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